Monday, October 7, 2013

Setting worthwhile goals gives direction to our lives.

So this week was SUPER BUSY.... A lot happened!!!! A LOT

Monday was our district meeting. And me and my companion put our new goal for 8 baptisms for the month of October.... We know that it is a high number, but we both felt inspired to put it as our goal. I have yet to reach a monthly goal on the mission, and this is the highest goal I have set, but I know that Heavenly Father will help me reach this goal with a lot of prayers and fasting, and obedience. 

Tuesday we had the opportunity to visit one of our Recent Converts in the hospital. She has lung cancer. It was the first time that I entered a cancer hopsital. It was really an eye opener for me because It made me realize how blessed I am to have the health that I do, and the life that I do. It also made me really sad to think of all the people that our nearing the end of their life, and don´t have the gospel. I´m really grateful that I do. It makes me want to help EVERY single person in my surroundings!!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday we had so many scheduled appointments we had to run from appointment to appointment!!!!!! And so it was the rest of the week. But we saw some awesome progress in a lot of our investigators. 

On Saturday was General Conference. One of our investigators before conference told us that She WANTS to be baptized. She has investigated the church on and off for 10 years!!!!!!!!! She is the cousin of a member. She still has her first book of mormon that was given to her by elders 10 years ago!!!!!! At conference she wrote down 10 questions and in just one session 9 of the 10 questions were answered. And the second question was answered during the second session..... It made me SOOOO happy. And now after conference she is 100 % sure!!!! I loved conference!!!!!!

Also on Sunday we had 2 baptisms of 2 girls. Geovana and Amanda. We met them 2 weeks ago. Their mom works for a member cleaning her english school. They went to church last week and loved it!!! This week we taught all of the lessons and they were baptized yesterday. Their mom wants to be baptized too, but its a complicated situation... She lives with someone that she is not married too, but she can´t get married because if she does she will lose the money that she gets every month for being a widow..... But I know that Heavenly Father will help her realize that it´s worth losing the money, to take part of the only TRUE church, and to make a covenant with the Lord!!!!!!! Anyways I don´t know how exactly she is going to feel that she needs to be married, but I know that she will!!!!!!! 

We have another investigator who has a baptism date for the 20th of October, and a lot of others that we have been teaching a lot and who have gone to church, so we know that our goal this month is definitely possible!!! 

I feel like goals are definitely something that I have been learning a lot about on my mission. It´s a way to help us progress. Our goal here on the earth is to prepare to meet God. He wants us to all be perfect like he is. Our progression in necessary. We can´t just stay the way we are, we always need to be progressing. Setting High Goals shows our Heavenly Father our desires, and when we have goals we are willing to work hard to reach them. 

Set your goals high, if you have not already done so. 


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