Monday, February 25, 2013

New Companion


Last day of transfer 2 is here, and tomorrow I will be getting a new companion. President Ferrin called Sister Waite this weekend and told her she was being transferred, but didn´t know where. Soooo I´m really anxious to know who will be coming in her place. It´s funny how things work out. Once you finally build a relationship with someone and finally get to really love them and know them, things change and you have to say goodbye.

This last week has been really good. We have so many progressing investigators who are actually reading the Book of Mormon and who are actually looking for an answer. It´s been hard to schedule all the people we need to visit because we have so many. It´s really so much easier and funner to teach people who are sincerely looking for the truth and sincerely want to know about the truths of Heavenly Father. I know that with patience and hard work and lots of prayers this next transfer will be a success!!!!

This week was a lot of fun. Donizete and Adriana´s (Mom and Stepdad of Bruna) divorce from other spouses are finally progressing. And soon enough they´ll be married and baptized and in one year they´ll be sealed in the temple. They are so awesome and they already have such strong testimonies of the church and they aren´t even baptized yet. I truly feel like their my family here in Brazil. One night this week we left their house after dark and they were so worried about us they walked us halfway home. We stopped in a soccer field and played tag for a few minutes, it was awesome. 

I read a talk in an old Liahona this week that really helped me have a more positive attitude and helped build my faith. Hope you all are trying everyday to become more like Jesus Christ and are working hard at achieving your dreams. My dream was always to serve a mission and now that I´m finally here I want to try my hardest to live every moment the best I know how and work hard to help other people have the same happiness and hope that I have. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

``Faith is for the future. Faith builds on the past, but never longs to stay there. Faith trusts that God has great things in store for each of us and that Christ truly is the high priest of good things to come. Keep your eyes on your dreams, however distant and far away. Live to see the miracles of repentance and forgiveness of trust and divie love that will transfor your life today, tomorrow and forever``
 - Jeffrey R. Holland 


Monday, February 18, 2013

The Work Goes On

Hey everyone!!!!

This week we taught a lot of lessons and met a lot of new people. Looking forward to the last week of transfers to work hard and help a lot of people. Everytime I teach a new lesson the gospel just makes more and more sense!!!! Hope everyone is doing good. LOVE YOU ALL

Sister Bruno

Monday, February 11, 2013

Missionary Split

Hey Everyone!!!

Hope this week is finding you well, and that you share your love with everyone this Valentines Day by sharing the gospel with others. This week was good. Splits were AWESOME!!!!!!! I was with Sister Santana in Caça Pava, and part of her area has Campos do Jordão, PRETTIEST place EVER!!!! Everyone look it up on Google and Google maps. I want to live there!!!!  We went with a member on Wednesday to visit some less active families and some investigators. Campos do Jordão is UP UP UP in the mountains, so the members and investigators usually only go to church once a month when they have a caravan go up and pick them up. I met some really really awesome people. One man, Derrly, we visited lives in a house that he built in the middle of the forest, WAY COOL and he accepted baptism for this Sunday coming up when the caravan comes! I felt the spirit really strong when Sister Santana was inviting him for baptism. It was a really awesome experience WOOHOO. I also met another women, Rachel Carvaljo, that was baptized in the year 1960, and she serves on the city council of her little town, and she's in a book which she showed me called Mormon Women. I seriously want to be like her when I grow up. She´s so awesome and you can see the love that she has for the gospel and for other people! I hope that I get the opportunity to serve in Caça Pava its an awesome area. 

Something really funny happened this week to me and my companion Sister Waite. Last monday after I emailed you we went into downtown Sao Jose dos Campos to have PDAY with Bruna and Adriana. After we finished there we got on the bus to go to our Zone meeting. The bus was really crowded already so I sat down in one of the only empty seats I saw, and while Sister Waite was paying people with Cameras entered the bus in one door and people with drums and big dresses entered the bus on another and started dancing and playing music. It was for a news program here called Janguarda Mix they were filming for Carnaval, because Carnaval started Friday. I didn´t really think much of it, just like WHOA I wonder if this is what Carnaval is, but yesterday at church everyone came up to us saying AH ARTISTAS, FAMOSAS. They saw us on TV!!! haha. Maybe its on Youtube look up Janguarda MIX 2/9/2013.... 

Anyways, everything is good here on this side of the world. Sad that they don´t celebrate Valentine´s Day, but I hope you all have a good one. I LOVE YOU ALL

Sister Bruno