Monday, March 18, 2013

Unusual Encounter

Almost 6 months since I´ve been out. I can´t even believe it!!!!!! This week we met a man named Wagner who talked to the elders in a different area one day while it was hailing and they were stopped to take refuge in the same bar. Yes bar... A place where both claim that they would never be in. But its an interesting experience to teach Wagner because he´s going through a lot of difficulties right now. He is without a job and without light in his house. The elders really changed his life in just one hour of talking to him while it was hailing. When we got to his house to teach him he already had read all of the pamphlets on the restoration, the word of wisdom, and etc. He stopped smoking in just one week!!!!! And Sunday he is going to be baptized if everything works out according to plan. He seems to really like the church, and I´m hoping that everything works out for him because he seems really humble. Sister Teixeira is a little concerned that maybe he has other motives, but I´m really hoping that everything works out for him and that he truly becomes converted to the gospel. Because I know the change and the happiness that the gospel brings. Hope everyone is doing good. Love you all!!!!

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