Wednesday, September 18, 2013

``When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost, Count your many blessings; name them one by one, And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.``

Wow. This week was such a GREAT WEEK. A week I will definitely never forget. 

It started out with us going to the TEMPLE on tuesday. I´m so grateful that I had the opportunity to go to the temple and enjoy the sweet spirit that is found there. 

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Then we worked hard on wednesday, and on thursday night we had the baptism of Rafaela before seminary. She was SOOOO happy, and so touched by the spirit. It´s been so awesome to see her progress. She is totally involved in everything. She has already read all of 1 Nephi and is working on her personal progress with her sister Raquel. Yesterday she recieved the Holy Ghost and when we passed by we asked her what it was like to have the holy ghost and she answered that she woke up today so happy that she cleaned the house entire and made lunch for her sister, something that her family always complains that she doesn´t help with. It made me so happy. 

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And then on friday we worked hard and on Saturday we had the baptism of Sabrina. WOW. I couldn´t even believe that I was so blessed to be able to see the baptism of Sabrina. It was such an awesome Baptism. Her Sister, that I had met in the MTC in provo was there. We had invited EVERYONE to come and see her baptism. It was such a special moment for me. Her being baptized while I am still in the area made me really reflect how truly blessed I am and how much Heavenly Father really loves me. 

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During her baptism we sang My Heavenly Father Loves Me, and our LMA is a proffesional piano player, who did the accompany. Sister Amaral sang the first verse in portuguese, I sang the first verse in english and then together we sang the second verse in portugese. It was so good that a lot of people cried and afterwards the bishop asked if we sing it as a special number during sacrament meeting the next day, so we did, and Sunday was such a good day too, because we saw our recent convert Jeferson pass the sacrament with his aaronic priesthood. We saw Sabrina and Rafaela recieve the holy ghost and we had 3 really great progressing investigators there. I don´t know if I´ve ever felt so happy in my whole entire life. Inline image 4

And... Tuesday are transfers. I don´t know if I will stay or if I will leave my area. I love my area and I love everything about my mission. I´m so grateful for the Lord for giving me the experiences that I am having. I´m so grateful to be a missionary. I´m so grateful for all the blessings that he has given me. I´m grateful that we have the true restored church of Jesus Christ, I´m grateful that we have the plan of salvation, I´m grateful that we have the knowledge of the things we need to one day return and live with Heavenly Father. I´m grateful for my companion for the great attitude that she always has. I´m grateful for President Ferrin because I know he is inspired in all things that he does. I´m grateful for ALL OF YOU. Every single one of you. You have always been such great examples to me. Sometimes we pass through hard trials, but I know that Heavenly Father has given us SO MUCH because HE LOVES US. I´m so grateful for Jesus Christ because it´s through him that I have all of these things.

``Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation and thankfulness for blessings or benefits we have received. As we cultivate a grateful attitude, we are more likely to be happy and spiritually strong. We should regularly express our gratitude to God for the blessings He gives us and to others for the kind acts they do for us.``

Sister Bruno 

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