Monday, May 6, 2013

Missionary Receives Answers to Questions in Brazilian Temple

HELLO EVERYONE!!! I can´t believe Michael got his call, already!!!! Where is he going??? When is he leaving?!?!?! How exciting :) This week I went to the TEMPLE!!! It was cool to watch the session in Portuguese. It made me pay attention and it was cool that I actually understood what they were saying. It was a really great day. I was praying that I could have a spiritual experience and I had a lot of questions that I wanted answered and I had exactly what I was needing and Heavenly Father answered ALL of the questions that I had written down. It was amazing :)
This week was good and frustrating at the same time. Good because I feel like I´m really gaining confidence in my teaching and my ability to speak in portuguese. We found a really awesome kid named Erick that accepted our invite to be BAPTIZED and he went to a yw/ym activity and really liked it. I´m excited to work hard to help him enter into the covenant of baptism with Heavenly Father. This week I had another pretty cool experience. Once on my way to a lunch appointment I saw a man sitting outside his work on his lunch break. I had seen him many times before always in the same spot same time of the day, but never thought anything of it. This one particular day I had a prompting to talk to him, but we were running really really late and I ignored the prompting :(.... But afterwards I felt really guilty and I prayed and prayed and prayed to have the opportunity to talk to him again, but everytime we passed by this spot he was NEVER there again. But.... the very next day after I had gone to the temple he was sitting there in his normal spot and I had the same feeling, and this time I had no fears I just went. It was an easy contact and he gave us his address and I´m not sure if we will even see any success, but I´m glad Heavenly Father gave me another chance. I´m learning the importance of always following the spirit even when its not convenient or easy. 

I´m excited for the Transfer next week. ReALLY REALLY REALLY hoping for some changes.... 

I´m excited to talk to everyone on Mother's Day this week. I will be on Skype at 4:00 PM my time. I´m not sure what time that is for everyone else.... Hope that everyone can make it!!!!!

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