Friday, November 2, 2012

Loves MTC Devotionals

Hey Everyone! This week has been pretty good. A lot of ups and downs! I feel like I'm learning soooo much, and progressing in both Portuguese and the gospel. I still haven't got my visa, not sure what the hold up is. My favorite things in the MTC are the Devotionals and Firesides on Tuesdays and Sundays. I love singing with all of the other missionaries, its such an awesome feeling. This week Elder Don R. Clark spoke on how to help investigators and be a good missionary. It was awesome because he pretty much gave us the same advice that Gen Gianina Flora and Annika gave me before I came in. It was awesome. You sisters must have been awesome missionaries. He told us that we should be HELPING, if were not helping were not being good missionaries. We do this by Teaching them the doctrine, Helping them keep commitments, Help them Repent, Help them Love the Book of Mormon, and that we need to retain converts by getting to know the bishop and his wife and the mission leader and his wife. It was a really inspiring devotional for me. It made me soooo excited to get into the field and be a missionary. I also love the camaraderie (sp) in the MTC! I love gym time. Our zone loves playing volleyball so we play almost everyday, and every time afterwards we have a handstand contest and roll down the hill by the volleyball pits. It makes my day. I feel like I'm improving in my teaching because it's easier to explain things and I feel much more comfortable teaching. I love having personal study time because I feel like I've learned so much about the Book of Mormon. Right now I just finished Ether and am starting Moroni. After reading Ether 12 I felt like my faith grew about 50%!!!!! I want all of you to read Ether 12 before you go to sleep tonight :) I also love that the Jaredites brought Deseret with them on their journey!!!!! The Book of Mormon is seriously becoming the LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!! I love learning Portuguese and I love being a missionary!!! This week for relief society the 1st counselor of the primary, Jean A. Stevens, came and gave the lesson. It's so awesome to be able to see all these great women leaders here in the MTC. They have such sweet spirits and they love the lord. She gave a great lesson about building our relationship with the Savior and Heavenly Father. Anyways this gospel is true! I love you guys! Keep me posted on things. This week was discouraging not hearing from anyone but I know you all are busy. Thanks for package.... Love, Sister Bruno

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